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This page is devoted to answering  many of the questions which we are frequently asked


How soon can I get a cleaner?  We endeavour to get you a cleaner started within a week of meeting you, but this can depend to a great extent as to where you live and how many hours you would require.  Obviously if you live in a remote spot it can be more difficult to provide you quickly with a cleaner, even more so if you only wanted the minimum amount of hours because it may not be worth the cleaner travelling.  In such exceptional  cases we may have to suggest that the client either pays the cleaner slightly more, or alternatively petrol money be given to them because of  their remoteness.


Will it be worth the cleaners while travelling all the way to me at Tayport?  (for example)  Yes it most certainly would be as all our cleaners are local to their clients.  We cover a wide area and have a large selection of domestic cleaners throughout the region from Culross in the South West to Tayport in the North East.


Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?  The answer to this is yes, this is because everyone prefers different smells, different cleaning products etc.


Are your cleaners covered for breakages?  Yes they are, but there is an excess of 100, so obviously it doesn't cover minor breakages.


Do I get the same cleaner each week?  Yes the cleaner we allocate to you, will be your regular weekly cleaner.


Do I have to have the cleaner you send me?  No, we are always willing to change the cleaner, this is one of the reasons for you meeting the cleaner before they start to make sure you gel with each other.


What if my cleaner is off work one week?  We endeavour to cover for illness or holidays within 72 hours of being notified of the cleaners absence, but obviously the more remote the client is the more difficult this becomes for us.  Also we find that most clients prefer not to have a replacement for the sake of a week or so because their regular cleaner knows the routine of their property,  where as a relief cleaner wouldn't, so they feel it can be more trouble than its worth.


How much notice would you require from us to cancel the agency agreement?  We require a month's notice in writing from you to cancel the agency agreement.  Alternatively if we wished to cancel the agency agreement we would be obliged to give you a months notice in writing also.


How much do you charge? Our rates are typically from only Euro 15.00 per hour for a regular weekly clean within the Dublin area. We do although have different rates for one off house cleans.  Agencies up and down the country do set there own rates and these may vary from those of ours, for details of local charges in your area please use this link to the UK Branches page and click on your area to discover your local rate.



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