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As a domestic cleaning agency we are always on the lookout for new cleaners.  As a cleaner you can expect to:


  • To earn a realistic hourly rate

  • Have flexible working hours to suit you

  • Your own personal local domestic clients

  • Be fully insured whilst doing your cleaning work


Every cleaner who wishes to find work through our agency is fully vetted by us.  We insist on two references, although the odd exception is made to this rule.  Everyone is also interviewed and assessed to ascertain what their actual abilities and experience within domestic cleaning are.

We also ask that the cleaners have their own transport as they are expected to make their own way to and from jobs.  Without transport it can make it very difficult for much work to be found through us depending where you live of course.  We do endeavour to keep the distances down to a bare minimum, any further than five miles is very rare, two to three miles is normal.  We have a very good track record in finding cleaners local work.

All the cleaners are fully insured by us whilst working for our clients, and a realistic hourly rate of pay is offered.  If you have a proven track record and are interested in finding some part time work as a domestic cleaner through Dolly Char Eastbourne then please feel free to contact Chris free  on :- 0800 917 6749 or by mobile phone on 07944 015 385, or e-mail Chris directly at, or last but by no means least going to the Eastbourne enquiries part of this site and filling out and sending the online form provided for you there.


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