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Each and every client has a visit from us prior to a domestic cleaner been allocated to them.  This is for them to find out more about Dolly Char and what we as a agency have to offer them. It is also for us to determine what their needs and requirements are, how many hours per week or fortnight they require (2 hours minimum), and to alleviate any worries and concerns that they may have.  This allows us to be able to match up the right cleaner for the client.  

After this meeting we allocate a cleaner/maid to the client, and providing both the client and cleaning lady are happy with each other a starting date is agreed. We provide insurance cover for your domestic cleaner  whilst they are fulfilling their duties for the client, both public liability and accidental damage.  If there are any problems, we are always available at the other end of the telephone or via e-mail to deal with them.  If you go to the COMPLIMENTS page you will find there a small selection of abstracts from letters that we have received from some of our many very satisfied clients.

If you are reading this and you would like a domestic cleaner/maid or more information about our agency and service,  please feel free to contact Dolly Char on :-  0800  587 6680 or mobile 07949 679 246, or by e-mailing us directly at , or last but by no means least going to the GRIMSBY ENQUIRIES page and filling in the form provided for you there.

Finally we have compiled a list of cleaning tips which we hope that you may find useful in the future, just follow this link to GRIMSBY CLEANING TIPS.


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