Difference between a cleaner and a cleaning agency

Many people get confused with the difference between using a private cleaner and a domestic cleaning agency

Agencies provide local friendly cleaners who will best suits your needs from a database of cleaners that have been ‘vetted’ by them. You also get the option to interview the domestic cleaner to make sure they are right for you.

An agency will allocate you a regular domestic cleaner who will give you a slot in their diary at a mutually convenient time.  They fit around you and your life style rather than the other way around.

Many agencies let you provide the cleaning materials so that you are left with the fragrances YOU prefer in your home.  Although your regular housekeeper can recommend cleaning products if you wish.  Also they use your cleaning equipment so that you don’t have your kitchen floor scrubbed with the same mop that was used in someone else’s loo. The same rule applies to vacuum cleaners – some houses have lots of pets, others have little children learning to crawl.  So they do not like transferring unwanted germs/mites and any other gruesome debris from one home to another!

Remember that domestic cleaners are only human and do require time off for holidays, they can also become sick now and then.  An Agency usually has a database of cleaners to fall back on.  Should a replacement cleaner be required they will endeavor to introduce you a replacement cleaner asap.

Some people run the risk of employing local private cleaners who will charge around the same amount (if not more) than an Agency. But be careful, you won’t know who you are allowing in your home and they will almost never be insured. If they require time off then you end up cleaning your house!

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