What mass killer lurks in our ocean?

What predator lurks in our ocean, can float and sink, is multiplying at an increasing rate, is a threat to animals such as fish, turtles, seals, birds?

No Not the Great White Shark nor the Megalodon!… Plastic!

Millions of tonnes of plastic make its way into our oceans every year, in fact approximately 10 million tonnes and something needs to be done. There are projects such as ‘The Ocean Clean Up’ with amazing intentions of cleaning up the sea – claiming to rid 50% of the ocean’s plastic every five years but the problem starts with us, humans, the creator the consumer of plastic goods. That straw with your drink at the bar; that plastic cap from your kid’s fruit juice bottle; the plastic that you in the litter bin and not the recycle bin. It’s time to change before it’s too late!

What can we do to help?

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