Logo; is your Company Logo Memorable?

Logo: is your Company Logo Memorable?

It is very important for a company to have a logo that is eye catching and easily remembered. McDonalds M comes to my mind immediatly as a prime example of a great logo. It is eye-catching and memorable because of its simplicity. Other very simple eye catching logos that come to mind are the Kentucky colonel, Nike, Virgin, Coca Cola etc. Looking at all these large businesses they have all gone for a simple design. Either by using their company names as a graphic logo or using a simple logo design that stands out.

Why are some logos better known than others?

Many large companies that do not have an outlet on the High Street to display their products can struggle to get their logo recognised. High Street outlets, eg; McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky’s etc tend to trade in very prominent places. Such as busy roundabouts, junctions, and motorway services areas etc. This helps to get their logo to a much larger audience. Also companies like these have the revenue to enable them to have large advertising budgets.This means they can get their logo promoted to millions of people through television advertising. They also use billboards up and down the country as well as worldwide. McDonalds like their competitors have their logos on all their food packaging.

Other companies

Other large companies, for example; Domestic Cleaning Companies, Oven Cleaning , Regional Developers etc rely on other marketing campaigns. This is because they are not usually found on the local High Street. They often rely on basic leaflet distribution, local newspaper advertising, word and mouth and internet presence. .

This does not mean for one minute that they are not a quality company or business. Some of these company logos are only ever seen at the time of initial contact when the company was first discovered. Once the customer becomes a client they probably do not come across that companies logo again, this is not a business failing it is because companies work in vastly different ways as they are offering totally different services. Also it is maybe not a regular weekly event that a client looks at obtaining certain business services, it may only be once every five years or so and thus some large companies logos do not get the regular viewing to gain the instant recognition because the type of service that they offer is not an every day item like food!