Franchise business opportunity websites have sprung up in ever increasing numbers in recent years and have become an important part of most franchise businesses marketing strategy.

What benefits does a specialist franchise business opportunity website offer to a franchise business company whilst marketing their franchise business?

There are many benefits that these franchise opportunity websites offer the company wishing to franchise their business such as increasing their businesses profile through gaining them a much more noticable online presence.

Specialist keyword targeting for individual franchise businesses through their in house SEO departments helps the franchise business receive lots of targeted leads.

The franchise business opportunity website advertising companies usually have a very high budget allocation that they use on pay per click search engines such as google adwords which gives them a very strong online presence for strategic keywords and phrases to help attract potential franchisees to their websites.

Many franchise business opportunity websites have access to vast mailing lists of potential budding entrepreneurs that they have accumulated over time and this enables them to be able to send out weekly or monthly newsletters generating much more traffic towards their websites.

The leads that are forwarded on generally have a lot of important and useful information for the franchise business to digest about the franchise enquirer such as telephone numbers, addresses, financial information and also work history etc.

Franchise business opportunity websites provide a franchise business with a steady flow of leads that can be comfortably dealt with as they filter through, instead of the bulk all at once leads that some other advertising mediums deliver which can be difficult to deal with in an adequate fashion when arriving in bulk.

A few franchise business opportunity websites allow franchise businesses to have links back to their own business websites so helping the franchise companies own websites achieve an higher online profile.

Generally franchise business opportunity websites offer very competitive rates to advertise franchise businesses compared to other forms of franchise advertising such as newspapers, radio stations, television and magazines ect. Generally the longer the period of time that a franchise company books to advertise on these franchise business opportunity websites for then the better the deal that can be negotiated.

What disadvantages are there when using a specialist franchise business opportunity website?

One of the main disadvantages is that many of these specialist franchise business opportunity websites have is that they feel under immense pressure to generate a vast quantity of leads for their business clients and so often when a person as submitted an online form enquiring about a certain franchise business opportunity the franchise advertising website in lots of cases give them the option to click submit again and request franchise brochures from all the other businesses that are advertising on their website. This can mean that many leads that are generated have absolutely no interest what so ever in the franchise business that as received their enquiry.

Also some franchise leads that are generated are from people who just because they have found the franchise business opportunity website feel an inner compulsion to fill in the online form and submit it even though they have absolutely no interest what so ever in buying a business franchise.

Occasionally the forms received may also have being filled out incorrectly in particular such important details as phone numbers and email addresses might be in correct making it very difficult for the franchisor to follow up these franchise leads.

There are also other pros and cons, please feel free to add some more of your own.