Domestic Cleaning Companies

In the UK, the domestic cleaning market has grown substantially over the last few years, and is thought to be worth around £8bn. Although it is hard to pinpoint the exact number of people of working within the industry, the industry itself is vibrant and is always looking for new cleaners. As a society, we are more house proud than ever. Increasingly, we spend a higher proportion of our household income on domestic services and the cleaning products market alone is worth over £1bn.

Finding a cleaner is one of the major issues affecting the domestic cleaning industry. In the old days, a local cleaner may have serviced a number of houses on a ‘cash in hand’ basis. Increasingly this is not the case and many households also want a cleaning service that is professional and cost effective. Being cash rich and time poor has resulted in an increase in demand, but also an increase in the standards of service demanded.

Every household has their own individual requirements, but recruiting someone who can fit around those requirements is very hard. This is one of the reasons behind the growth of domestic cleaning companies. Such domestic cleaning companies offer clients the piece of mind that they need, by pre checking cleaners to ensure that they are suitable and trustworthy.

Dolly Char is a franchise, which works to provide a domestic cleaning service through the introduction of a thoroughly vetted domestic cleaner. Robin and Carol Harrison founded the business and its head office is based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

Robin Harrison is the managing Director of Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. Dolly Char (UK) Ltd is one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the UK today giving people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home.