Health and Safety

Circular distribution health & safety what is that all about then?

Surely just posting leaflet through peoples letterboxes should not require any health & safety advice!

Well if you are thinking any of the above then you are thinking wrong as there is a like any other business activity serious health & safety issue to consider.

The health & safety issues concerned with circular distribution are outlined below.

The first issue involves you actually getting to your circular distribution destination. Make sure that if you travel there in a vehicle that when you arrive you park in a safe area, that is not going to potentially place pedestrians or other road users in a dangerous situation.  Do not park close to corners or block access to pavements. Leave ample room so as not to impair the visibility of other road users.

Secondly, make sure that you are wearing suitable clothing for the day, especially footwear as ill fitting shoes will cause you to be susceptible to getting blisters and so curtail your business activities prematurely.

Be careful when approaching households to observe whether there are any warning notices on householders gates or houses.  These could include warning of guard dogs or other potential hazards that you may face by entering their property. Enter with care and observe at all times!

If there are no warning signs but there is a gate to open and close please enter with care, I would advice a brief hesitation immediately after opening the gate before actually entering, just long enough for you to grab any dogs attention. If there is a loose dog at least you will then be able to escape safely by shutting the gate quickly again.

Also be careful of gate catches etc that when opening them you do not trap your fingers as often they can be awkward and stiff at first to open and then after exerting mild pressure they suddenly move freely and catch you unaware trapping and cutting fingers etc. Be cautious be careful!

Be careful when crossing from one side of the road to the other. Remember your green cross code. Look left, look right, look left again, listen and if all is clear then cross the road taking care not to trip up when mounting kerbs etc. Remember look and listen, take care!

Keep alert when walking down householder’s driveways as often driveways have potholes or slabs with odd corners that stick up proud. Tripping over could cause you sprained ankles or even breakages. Obviously the latter could cause your business to have weeks of inactivity and cost you lots of new business. Beware of trip hazards!

Lastly, be very careful when placing your leaflets through householders letter boxes not to let your fingers go through draught-excluders. Often there is a dog there waiting patiently to bite you. I am aware of an instance a few years ago of a post lady whom lost a couple of fingers because she didn’t keep her fingers the safe side of the letter box. So please beware! be cautious and careful always whilst performing this operation..