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What makes Dolly Char so unique?

All cleaners are DC vetted, meaning not only are they specifically selected to meet your needs, but they also have a full background and quality check. You do not need to worry about letting a stranger into your home, not only do we verify all of the cleaners, we complete the rigorous vetting for you. You can also have the opportunity to meet and get to know your cleaner yourself prior to the start date – should you wish.

We cannot foresee what is going to happen but we are here to help. Using Dolly Char as your chosen cleaning agent means you always have a point of contact. Whether you need to rearrange your cleaning day, change your requirements, or report a no show cleaner. Our dedicated Dolly Char team is always on hand to help. Unlike independent cleaners, Dolly Char have a hierarchy and a team which is always ready to help in any situation.

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We are green and not just by logo

Not only by logo but by ethos, we pride ourselves on educating on ‘green cleaning’. We try our best to ensure all our cleaners are educated in providing you with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Our cleaners aim to save water and waste in all of their cleaning practices. They also use the cleaning products and equipment which you provide, meaning your house is not only left smelling how you wish but the products meet your own standards.

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The Process

We treat each of our clients on a personal level. Every client will receive a visit from a Dolly Char agent prior to a domestic cleaner being allocated. This process allows Dolly Char to understand your specific needs, requirements and contracted hours required.

We always recommend a minimum of 2 hours per visit to make your contract work for you. Once the meeting is complete Dolly Char get to work on matching you to the perfect cleaner. We urge all of our clients to meet the chosen cleaner prior to the start date, this will give you peace of mind that they can not only meet your needs, but trust the person you are letting in your home. Once you’re happy with the chosen cleaner, you choose a start date!

We always try to match you with the perfect cleaner within 14 days of meeting you, this is usually quicker, however certain requirements may slow down this process. It is always worth the wait to find the ideal domestic cleaner for your personal needs.

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What contract am I tied into?

All Dolly Char domestic cleaning contracts are secure and flexible. We will not end our services with you unless on mutual agreement and we will always try our best to cater to your requirements. Should you have a change in circumstance and wish to cancel your domestic cleaning services you can do so by providing us with 30 days notice in writing.

What happens if my cleaner doesn’t turn up?

If you were to privately hire a standalone cleaner and they do not arrive when they should there isn’t much you can do other than try to arrange a new cleaner. But this can put you back to square one and leave you without a cleaner for some time. Unfortunately, instances will occur where cleaners do not turn up for jobs, are unable to, fall ill or have unforeseen commitments.

Arranging your domestic cleaning through Dolly Char eliminates this issue by endeavoring to find a replacement cleaner as quickly as we can.

Contact your personal agent to explain the situation and another cleaner will be sent on your request. We endeavor to cover for illness or holidays within 72 hours of being notified of the cleaners absence. No more going back to the drawing board and having to search for a new cleaner yourself. Save yourself the hassle and time of seeking a new cleaner by using Dolly Char’s cleaning agency.

What insurance is provided?

To set your mind at ease we provide public liability cover whilst and cover your, while a cleaner is fulfilling their duties in your home. All of the domestic cleaners are also vetted to the highest of DC standards meaning you’re covered on all angles should the worst happen. Some cleaners also provide their own insurance to cover themselves, which is an additional protection to public liability or your own home insurance. Speak to your local Dolly Chat team for more information on insurances.

Can cleaners access my property if I am not there?

A lot of clients prefer to have their homes cleaned when they are out. For this reason, we set up keyholding.

When it comes to keyholders, the choice is completely yours. Many of our clients work long days and the convenience of the cleaning being done while they are out of the house works best for them. In these instances, many satisfied clients choose to make their dedicated cleaner a keyholder. Many of our older clients also prefer to make their cleaner a keyholder too, this benefits their lifestyle as they do not have to be disturbed by a knock at door.

Why choose Dolly Char

We work to first class client focused management systems

  • Vetted Cleaners

    Every single one of the domestic cleaners we use are specially selected and carefully vetted in their own homes.

  • Dedicated Cleaner

    You will get the same dedicated domestic cleaner assigned to your home for every visit you have from us.

  • Affordable Prices

    We always strive to keep our costs down to the absolute minimum which enables us to offer extremely competitive rates.

  • Traffic Light System

    We monitor our cleaners allowing us to react quickly to anyone’s standards which fall below our very high standards.

  • Meet & Greet

    You will meet your domestic cleaner prior to your cleaning contract commencing to ensure you are happy.

  • Always On-hand

    In the very unlikely event that you become unhappy with your cleaner we are always available to provide you with an alternative.