Franchise business opportunity prospectus

Franchise prospectus

A franchise business prospectus is written so as to provide information about a business. This is aimed at helping a you to make an informed decision whether to apply to join the franchise business.

So this means the franchise prospectus gives lots of information about the business and how it operates. Trade secrets although are not mentioned in a franchise company’s prospectus because they are not important at this stage, only information that will be useful to a person considering making an application to join the business.  This includes how profitable the business can be, what qualities/qualifications you will require to make a success of the business.  Also what the franchise business can offer you and how much can potentially be earned are usually mentioned.

Normally a prospectus is posted out after receiving a new enquiry. Although increasingly in these days of mass internet usage you may get very impatient waiting for your post to arrive.  Because of this many franchise company’s now keep their franchise brochures in PDF format allowing them to quickly send it out by email.