Are you desperately trying to find out how to clean a shower screen?

You may have been searching for ‘how to clean limescale off a shower screen’, or ‘how to clean soap scum off a shower screen’. Well you have found the right place and we will tell you exactly how to clean a shower screen. All you need is a few simple items.

Make sure you are prepared.

You will need..

  1. An ice-cream tub, or similar size.
  2. A non-scratch scouring pad.
  3. Warm water.
  4. And the secret ingredient.

e found out that the best way to answer how to clean a shower screen is to pour some warm water into an ice-cream tub and mix in one sachet of magic ingredients. Dab your scourer in to this solution and wipe over the whole area, the idea is to soak the screen in the solution. You could also use a soft cloth for this part if you wish.

Leave this for 10 to 15 minutes.

When you return, take your scourer and scrub the areas that you soaked in the solution. This will not need an aggressive attack as the solution has broken up the limescale and soap scum. Rinse this solution off thoroughly with the shower hose.

So, get ready for it, the magic ingredient is about to be revealed…

The magic ingredients to answer your prayers is a limescale removing product. We used a brand called ‘Oust’ which claims it is suitable for kettles and irons but does not mention about shower screens.

Don’t forget to either spray a fine mist of shower cleaner over the shower screen and tiles to prevent future build up. Make sure the solution is fully rinsed off first as mixing chemicals can cause chemical reactions seriously hazardous to health. Please check and follow all COSHH guidelines

So the magic ingredients to answer your prayers is a limescale removing product. We used a brand called ‘Oust‘ multi-purpose descaler which is usually suitable for kettles and irons, coffee machines, washing machines and dishwashers but we found no mention of shower screens.

Please make sure suitable protective equipment is used, if required, e.g. Gloves, goggles, face mask etc.

Submitted by Dolly Char Domestic Cleaning Lincolnshire