Our Services Don't Stop At Cleaning

General housekeeping

As part of our general housekeeping service you can opt for specific rooms or the whole home to be tidied and cleaned.

This service is usually broken down using a task list. We advise clients to direct cleaning duties to their cleaners by priority meaning the areas which you require the most are always complete.

Often we find that clients struggle with certain areas of the home, for example, lifting bins or bending down to clean skirting boards, so these could be your regular weekly requirements.

Home help

Do you require a little help around the home?

Although Dolly Char do not offer a carers service, we are here to help with small tasks around the home.

This could include some weekly company and a chat, included in our companionship service, to sorting mail or doing the washing up.

From our happy customers

Don’t just take our word for it…


Our ironing service can be used as a standalone service or in addition to cleaning services.

This service is very popular with working professionals who do not want to spend their evenings and weekend ironing their work shirts, and why would you want to waste your time doing so?

We can iron all of your work clothes or other garments, setting you up for the week ahead!


In addition to ironing we can complete regular laundry tasks whether this is washing clothes on or off your premises.

Simply leave the washing in an accessible place and our Dolly Char agents will do the rest!

We can even carefully place all washed and ironed garments back in your wardrobe.

Changing and making beds

Many of our clients benefit from a helping hand when it comes to changing bedding.

Either they do not have the capability of doing so, the bed is in an awkward place or simply do not have the time – coming home to freshly washed sheets is a real dream.

Shopping trips

Complementing our home help service we also offer a shopping service.

If you or a relative is unable to visit the shops on a regular basis, our Dolly Char agents can lend a hand. Leave out a shopping list and we will collect your shopping for you and even put it all away.

This service is particular popular with our less able, elderly clients or those who simply do not have access to a vehicle.

Light food help and drinks

Having the time to care for a relative or friend can be time consuming and not always fit around our regular jobs.

Dolly Char has agents who can help prepare light meals for any client, from microwaving previously prepared meals or preparing sandwiches to ensure your loved one is eating and drinking, while being cared for when you can not be there.

  • Companionship

  • This service makes a massive different to many of our clients lives. It is most popular as part of our home help and general cleaning services where our specially selected domestic cleaning agent will complete all tasks around the home then provide some companionship, make a cup of tea and set aside some time to talk.
  • An hour a day can make a massive difference to people’s’ lives, especially those who struggle with getting out and about.