Toy Storage Ideas

Have you been looking for some amazing toy storage ideas?


How to store soft toys

Have too many stuffed toys? Unzip a beanbag, remove the little polystyrene balls and re-purpose as packaging then fill the beanbag with the stuffed animals. Not only will this be extremely comfortable but your child can unzip the bag when he/she likes and take out their favourite stuffy.

How to store Lego

We are not going to make you sit here and read how you should sort all of the colours and sets into little boxes – wheels in a box, roof tiles in another. We all know how that goes down with kids! Lego comes in different amounts in different homes, from one set to rooms full of the stuff. First you have to decide who plays with the Lego? Your child, his dad? Would dad store it in his bedroom? No.. then give your child some breathing space. Yes, your child might like Lego and playing with the odd set but do they need dads 80’s collection containing 1000’s of yellow bricks? Decide what is needed first then assess the size storage you need. A popular idea is a small table with a draw or two for the blocks with a Lego baseplate stuck to the surface.
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How to store Nerf guns

Pegboard is a favourite choice from DIY stores and mounted to a wall. You could also convert a wooden ottoman into an ammo crate or armoury crate.

How to store stationary

Try a shoe hanger designed for the back of a door, putting pencils in one sleeve, pens in another, rubbers, felt tips, scissors, paints, rulers, glue etc. Or you could get really creative -you or your child may even be able to design and make some pencil pots out of Lego!!

How to store toy cars

Most cars are made of magnetic metal such as steel. Stick magnetic knife strips to a wall and the cars will stick nicely to them (Obviously not with knives too!!). For the none magnetic cars use painted batons of wood stuck to the wall with adhesive like ‘No Nails‘ wide enough for the cars to fit on top.

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