Amazing Low Cost start Up

Dolly Char, the UK’s No. 1 domestic cleaning agency and low cost franchise offers you a viable and exciting franchise opportunity. and just £495 is the deposit required to secure an area.

And our current start-up fee of just £1995 is intentionally low.  And our areas are not just limited to 2/3 post codes you will receive a full post code region of on average 12/15 post codes because we want you to succeed.

We have taken out all of the unnecessary costs but left in the essential parts that enable you to get started and become successful. Indeed we believe that the very fact that our start-up fee is low, as are our monthly fees, will enable you to build your business much faster and at a reduced risk.
Compared with franchises that charge a % of turnover our franchisees are potentially better off by thousands of pounds each and every year and turnover after year 2 should reach 60K.

This offer is limited to the first 2 suitable candidates.

Remember with our business model the cleaners clean and you will manage – the only thing you need to polish is your telephone manner, sales technique and interviewing skills.

We offer a management opportunity and all you will need is a good telephone manner, some sales ability and computer skills – the rest we can teach you!

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Our excellent value package is detailed below.

Large and Exclusive Geographical Territory
Company CRM System
Templates to Aid Day to Day Administration
Ops Manual
Company branded wear
Website Presence
Stationary Package
Telephone Numbers
Exclusive Franchisee Facebook Group
3 days OnlineTraining
Dolly Char Licence
Plus lots more

Your earnings potential is uncapped and unlimited, you decide how far you want to go!

A fantastic Business Management Opportunity with a low cost start up

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Low Cost Promotion ends on 28th February 2021

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