Franchise Cleaning Business Opportunities

There are so many different Cleaning Franchise Business Opportunities out their for any prospective franchisee to choose from.

Are they all the same?

The answer to that question is that they are most definitely not.

Many cleaning franchises specialize completely in the domestic cleaning marketplace; some of these franchise businesses you are expected to hold the duster and do the work yourself (manual work). Other franchise businesses you manage your cleaners and clients (management cleaning franchise). Usually a domestic cleaning management franchise will prove to be much more profitable. The working overheads are much less and also expansion of the business is much easier and quicker due to the low overheads, and the domestic cleaning work being contracted out on an agency type basis.

Several types of cleaning franchises specialize totally in commercial and industrial cleaning or even a combination of the two. These are usually hands on cleaning businesses or as the business grows then they often require the need to employ staff, which also means the business would require the setting up of PAYE system.

There are many other specialist cleaning franchises such as oven cleaning franchises, carpet cleaning franchises, upholstery cleaning franchises etc.  The majority of these franchises the franchisee needs to actually go out and perform the manual cleaning work themselves. In my mind though and probably I will be accused of being slightly biased I do prefer the management style domestic cleaning franchise system against the manual job type cleaning franchise.

Forgive me please for suggesting HERE is well worth considering if you are looking for a really great business opportunity!