Clever Lego Ideas you could find really useful

Lego Characters

Lego Characters are brilliant for organizing wires. You can use sticky tack to stick a Lego character to your wall, desk, PC, windowsill etc. Then replace the gun, sweeping brush or sword in its hand with your phone charger wire or USB cable. So simple and effective. Have a look at how to store Lego in our Toy Storage ideas blog.

Desk Tidy

A nice square design, 15-20 blocks high should do the trick in whatever colour you like. Or you can be very adventurous and design adjoining compartments different heights to store more stationary.

Key Holder

Take a flat board of Lego and mount it to a wall. Now drill a hole in a 2×6 flat piece of Lego and thread it onto your keys as a key fob. you should now be able to stick this to your mounted board. You could use Lego to write the word ‘KEYS’ on your board. Or go crazy and make an opening and closing key cabinet!

Vase for Flowers

We recommend only using artificial flowers as the Lego could leak water if not sealed properly. Build this the same as you would the single desk tidy but you may need some extra layers of brick otherwise the vase could topple over.

A Gift Box

Let your child present a birthday gift in a box handmade by themselves. This will melt hearts. A square box with a hinged lid is easy to make – your child could even build it in colours to look like a ribbon crossed around it.

Photo Frames

Stick Lego to an old photo frame or use the glass from one to make your own. For an amazing effect, spray the Lego with metallic gold/silver or chrome!

Wall Art

Create a flat picture using a Lego mat the desired size and sticking flat pieces of Lego to make up a picture of e.g. a cartoon character, or you could even try a 3 dimensional picture. Kids that play Mine-craft may particularly enjoy this project!

If we come across any more we will update this article. Read our other stories.

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